Dan Lungren

Dan Lungren

Dan Lurgen, the successful graduate of the University of Southern Carolina, now works as a director of career services. When you come to Dan Lungren office, you instantly feel how inspired by the job he is. The director of career services job description is very impressive and includes a lot of aspects, so one must really love what they do to keep up with all the duties.

For Dan, the profession path started back at university times. He was always interested in the topic of employment and even worked as a CV/resume writer for some time. This job greatly inspired him to continue his development in this direction. Very soon, he came to the career office at his college and asked if they need more staff. There he had to learn many new things, meet various people, and collect advice from real professionals. Dan was so passionate about things he did that his career grew extremely fast.

He is in charge of a bunch of things – giving job advice is much more than just sharing tips and tricks on resume writing. With the flow of time, Dan has learned how to provide career advice to the students and alumni, which includes the issues of the job-search process, interviewing, resume writing and all other aspects of career planning. He is also the one responsible for coordinating communication with deans and faculties to make sure the job is done efficiently, and everyone gets the career advice they need.

Dan says his favorite part of work is conducting workshops, seminars, and presentations to the students. In such days, he is full of energy and can share his knowledge and practical experience directly with the ones who are looking for that. He also loves networking and tries to organize more of such events to promote the idea of sharing the knowledge and experience with others.

People say that Dan always goes the extra mile and is a real workaholic ready to consult 24/7. He doesn’t know if it’s a good habit, but he also makes jokes about his overenthusiasm. He says that Dan Lungren email address search is more popular than cheap pizza places among students. If you want to check this statement, he kindly invites you to come and get your piece of career advice.